Sunland Springs Tennis Club

May 17, 2014








25th September                                      EC Board Meeting  (cancelled)

2nd October                                             General Meeting  (cancelled)

23rd October                                            Captain’s Meeting

23rd October                                            EC Board Meeting

28th October                                            Venture Out Tournament Week

29th October                                            EVSTL General Meeting

3rd November                                          Welcome Back Party (2.5’s Hosting)

4th November                                          League Play Starts

6th November                                          General Meeting

27th November                                       EC Board Meeting

4th December                                          General Meeting

7th December                                          Invitational Road Haven at SSV

14th December                                       Holiday Food  Drive-mixed play/level

20th December                                       Last League games until January 2014


Calendar Year 2014


2nd January                                              SVE Mixed Holiday Tournament

2nd January                                              EC Board Meeting

6th January                                              Leagues Play Resumes

8th January                                              General Meeting

25h January                                             Fun Day/Mixed Doubles Tennis at SSV

28th January                                            EVSTL General Meeting

29th January                                            EC Board Meeting

6th February (Thursday)                        General Meeting (Election of Officers)                       

8th February                                            Invitational/Monte Vista at SSV

14th February                                          1.5 Breakout Tournament at Mesa Regal

26th February                                          EC Board Meeting

6th March (Thursday)                             General Meeting

7th March                                                League Play Ends

10th March                                              SVE Doubles Tournament Begins

13th March                                              EC Board Meeting (Captain’s Report)

17th March                                              SSV Tournament Begins

24th March                                              MV Tournament Begins

25th March                                              EVSTL Meeting

26th March                                              EC Board Meeting (Team Selections)

30th March                                              End of Season Party (1.5’s and 2.0’s Hosting)